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25-28 April 2024

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Paadmaan Projects, Tehran: Interview with Supermarket's creative directors

Paadmaan Projects with artist Rouzbeh Akhbari approached Supermarket's creative directors to answer several questions about the art fair and the artist-run art scene in general.

Paadmaan (meaning ‘safeguard’ in Farsi) is an independent artist-run platform for contemporary art with an interdisciplinary approach based in Tehran, Iran, established in 2018. Through a variety of curatorial programming, Paadmaan seeks to expand on existing discourses surrounding contemporary art within various Iranian communities and supporting their input – transforming it into output.

Paadmaan aims to develop networking locally and internationally and improve the collective in the contemporary art scene by focusing on research, dialogue and presentation. Paadmaan promotes these by organising exhibitions, events, artist residencies, lectures, screenings, publications and various interactions throughout Iran and abroad.

‘Paadmaan Video Event’ is an international annual video event in Tehran, seeking to explore video documentation of recent contemporary works of art (installation, performance, new media), University of Art, Tehran, December 2019, photo: Paadmaan projects

Thank you all!

 We hereby pronounce the Supermarket 2020 Social Media Takeover & Blogging week concluded! 

We have to say that the week exceeded our expectations. From what we worried would be a sad week of emptiness and aching hearts of an unfulfilled art fair turned out to be our perhaps most vibrant social media presence ever – and we dare say a great fun not only for us but the contributors and online viewers alike. 

We hope that in this simple way we managed to give you a glimpse of what the Supermarket 2020 will be like, with all the creative energy that all the international participants bring to Stockholm. We would like to say thank you to:

A) All of the brave exhibitors who took over our Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter and tirelessly posted round-the-clock. So many wonderful artworks that came up and so many amazing artists that we got to know about. And – above all – we did not get hacked! Videokaffe (FI/DE/NL/UK/USA), Niigata Eya (Niigata, Japan), Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Medrar (Cairo, Egypt), Why Quit? (Wroclaw, Poland), Ormston House (Limerick, Ireland) and Detroit Stockholm (Sweden)

B) All of the contributors who sent their materials to the Supermarket 2020 Blog. The variety and amount were heartwarming, your images, texts and reflections full of not only colour and sparkle, but above all stimulating ideas and collaborations.

C) Our online viewers, readers and supporters, including all our exhibitors whom we are looking forward to seeing in early autumn (fingers crossed) for the postponed edition of Supermarket 2020. Your support means a lot to us! You even watched our Live-streamed opening of the cancelled & rescheduled art fair in such copious amounts it took our breath away.

You made our week brighter and fluffier than we could ever dream of.
Take care and keep your eyes on us – the week is over but we are still here and will supply you with regular posts and updates from the artist-run world. 

Alice Máselníková, creative director, for the Supermarket team

NONSNS/With love from Russia

NONSNS (needed ordinary naive speculative new self-organisation) is an independent organisation of three artists: Ruslan Polanin, Masha Cheloyants and Gosha Golitsyn. The NONSNS art group is based in a studio on the territory of the former NIIDAR factory and represents the Moscow art underground as an artistic environment and a live process in which new ways of developing modern conceptual art are thought up and born.

Artists from NONSNS work with various mediums and reassemble their group identities by using of mass culture patterns but always finding ways for their activities outside the mainstream of the art industry. Their artworks which are often absurd and not always recognized as art usually are included into everyday life.

Official NONSNS TV channel:

All images courtesy of NONSNS.

NONSNS Facebook page
NONSNS TV on Youtube

AnnaLeena Prykäri/Flat Octopus/Associate gallery

AnnaLeena Prykäri, ‘52 Shades Of Shame’, latex sheets, 40 x 36 x 21 cm, 2016

Flat Octopus is one of the associate galleries at Supermarket 2020. Associate galleries are artist-run initiatives around Stockholm that exhibit in their own venues as a part of Supermarket’s programme.

For Supermarket 2020 Flat Octopus intends to present exhibition ‘Harness’ by AnnaLeena Prykäri (FI). In her cross disciplinary practice Prykäri researches the interconnections between topics of mental illness and BDSM. The foundation for her work is built on psychological, mental and emotional states, where human nature and desires play the key roles. Prykäri collects and archives lived experiences and emotions. Consisting layers, questions, states and interconnections, leaving space for fantasy and imaginary experience.

AnnaLeena Prykäri, ‘Fix Me?’, plaster, size and form variable, total amount of objects: 180–190, 2019

The exhibition Harness contains several works: installation ‘Fix Me’, sculpture ‘52 Shades Of Shame’, and a performance lecture ‘From a Caretakers archive; to be handled with aftercare’. The works explore the themes of body control, power roles, desire, happiness and care in various forms. The body is not seen only in its physical sense — translated into artworks as objects and physical installations — but also as a performative tool, and a body as a structural form.

AnnaLeena Prykäri (b. 1985 in Tornio, Finland) is a cross disciplinary artist currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a BFA and MFA degree from Konstfack University. Her work has been exhibited in various venues and at festivals in Sweden, Finland and the USA.

Flat Octopus is an international artist- and curator-run collective in Stockholm, Sweden, started in 2019. Flat Octopus organises exhibitions in different apartments located in Stockholm and Uppsala, as well as external collaborations and projects.

tm•galleria, Helsinki, Finland

At Supermarket 2020 tm•gallery exhibits four contemporary painters: 

Matilda Enegren (b. 1989 in Vaasa, lives in Helsinki)
Kaija Hinkula (b. 1984 in Oulu, lives in Oulu and in Helsinki)
Arto Korhonen (b. 1963 in Rantasalmi, lives in Helsinki
Joel Slotte  (b. 1987 in Kokkola, lives in Helsinki)

Matilda Enegren, ‘Storgatan’, watercolour on paper, 154 x 116 cm, 2019

Matilda Enegren arbetar med figurativt måleri och målar porträtt av sig själv och andra, detaljer ur urbana miljöer och bortvända ungdomar i grupp. Målningarna är utsnitt ur tillvaron, sådant hon fastnat för och vill avbilda genom ihållande observation.

Kaija Hinkula, ‘Cube 3’, oil and spray paint on plexiglass, 70 x 50 cm, 2019

Kaija Hinkula is inspired by the process of the painting – the physical appearance and movement-like metamorphosis of paint on the surface of a sheet. Her aim is to build abstract slow motion reflecting on existence while highlighting the paint matter and the painting event. Her works are associated to materiality, movement and circulation, the technic is oil on different materials and installation.

Arto Korhonen, ‘Caps’, watercolour on paper, 2017, photo: Anna Autio

Arto Korhonen combines in an innovative way traditional watercolor painting with ordinary, daily urban imagery and makes it available to a wider audience. He says: I want to use watercolor, and build installations that show, that crafts based on old technology, make the contemporary phenomena visible in an interesting way.

Joel Slotte, 'Lovesick man and a carnation', oil on canvas, 73 cm x 61 cm, 2020

Joel Slotte is a Helsinki-based artist working in oil painting, drawing and ceramics. His work explores traditions within image-making, indiscriminate sensuality and the aesthetisizing of anecdotes from everyday life.

tm•galleria, located in the center of Helsinki, has a versatile profile focusing on new Finnish painting. The gallery is managed by Finnish Painters’ Union, which is a nationwide artists’ association, and with about 1300 members the biggest artists’ association in Finland. The association also organises exhibitions in collaboration with art museums and other institutions. Every year in March the association organises The Sales Event at Cable Factory, Helsinki. During the event, almost 1700 works by about 600 artists from all over Finland are on display.