Supermarket 2022

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12–15 April 2018

Some of last year's exhibitors...

DUO Contradiction ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

An undefined group of undefined number of people with undefined goals and undefined means of reaching the undefined audience

Galleria Sculptor ⋅ Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Sculptor is an artist-run contemporary art gallery located in the Helsinki city center and maintained by the Association of Finnish Sculptors. Its diverse exhibition program presents a wide range of cutting-edge art every year, with a special focus on contemporary sculpture art. The exhibitions are principally innovative and surprising,...

Galleri Rostrum ⋅ Malmö, Sweden

Invented realities At Supermarket Rostrum presents works of seven artists, 7 artists, Torsten Hylander, Christel Lundberg, Cian Burke, Hans Johansson, Carina Stankovich, Tuss Marie Lysén and Sofie Arfwidson von Röök. Production, communication, everyday life, perceptions, all human interactions are in a process of radical transformation. Our take...

SIGN ⋅ Groningen The Netherlands, Netherlands

Koos Buster Stroucken (1991, Amsterdam NL) : ''My work portrays the search for a certain “doltish perfection” or something trivial that could also be celebrated. When I have an idea, I start sketching as a first step into the process. I also like to see them as potential finished works, fully established within the sketch phase. The innocence...

What is Supermarket?

The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair, is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.

The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes a seminar programme, a performance art stage and a meeting programme for networking.

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