Supermarket 2024

Applications for Supermarket 2024 are closed.

25-28 April 2024

Some of last year's exhibitors...

KNIPSU ⋅ Bergen, Norway

KNIPSU, an experimental platform for contemporary art, shows the exhibition Seid at Supermarket. Seid comes from the Norse word seidr, a collective term for knowledge that today would be called magic and stems from religious practices in the Iron Age and Norse times in Nordic countries. The practice of seid can be compared to Sami shamanism, and...

Candyland ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

For this year’s exhibition Candyland presents the Belarusian photo project ‘Herbarium of Female Protest’ by Eva Yarrow (pseudonym). The project includes portraits of female participants in peaceful actions that spontaneously evolved in August 2020 as a reaction to the rigged presidential election and the manifestation of unprecedented violence...

Usanii Mashariki ⋅ Nairobi, Kenya

Twilight zone being'the meeting point of two different states of existence' aptly describes the ongoing state of being of the native East African. The dynamic merging often forcefully & violently of our inherent values with the two invading influences and philosophy, that of the voracious West and from the tenacious East. The forest gods versus...

Aura ⋅ Lund, Sweden

Krognoshuset Aura - 95 years of contemporary art in medieval space.

Aura was founded in Lund in 1928 by a group of artists and art friends. Since then exhibitions are held in Krognoshuset, a medieval building close to the market square and the Art Hall in Lund city centre. Currently, 60 artists and 260 support-members are included. Aura is...

What is Supermarket?

The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair, is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.

The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes a seminar programme, a performance art stage and a meeting programme for networking.

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