Supermarket 2023

Applications open now!

12–15 April 2018


Welcome to Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair! 

Journalists will be able to find comprehensive information here, and get access to current press releases, press images and press clippings. 

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Address: SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum, Entré 5, Skärholmsplan 1, 127 48 Skärholmen 
Press preview: 25 May, 11.00
It is also possible to pre-book interviews with exhibitors prior or following the press preview. Please get in touch with to arrange the meeting time.
Professional preview and Supermarket Forum: 25 May October
Register to Supermarket Forum at
Public dates: 26-29 May 2022
More information: Felicia Gränd, Press officer, Email:, Tel: +46 (0)70 948 38 30

Accreditation to SUPERMARKET 2022

Welcome to apply for accreditation to Supermarket 2022 - Stockholm Independent Art Fair.
As an accredited journalists, you will receive a press pass, giving you access to the exhibition during opening hours as well as the PERFORMANCE stage and the seminar program TALKS.

The press pass can be collected at the press center, which is open during the public hours of the fair.
Send your application for press accreditation to:

Required information:
First and last name
Work title
Place of work

The accreditation is only valid after confirmation

If applying for accreditation on site, please remember to bring identification with you and, if you are freelance, a letter of commission.

Contact us:

Press officer:

Felicia Gränd
mobile: +46 709 48 38 30

Creative directors:

Alice Máselníková
Creative director
mobile: + 46 728 49 29 89

Pontus Raud
Creative director, founder
mobile: +46 709 45 17 24

Andreas Ribbung
Creative director, founder
mobile: +46 703 36 58 62