Supermarket 2024

Applications for Supermarket 2024 are closed.

25-28 April 2024

Thank you all!

 We hereby pronounce the Supermarket 2020 Social Media Takeover & Blogging week concluded! 

We have to say that the week exceeded our expectations. From what we worried would be a sad week of emptiness and aching hearts of an unfulfilled art fair turned out to be our perhaps most vibrant social media presence ever – and we dare say a great fun not only for us but the contributors and online viewers alike. 

We hope that in this simple way we managed to give you a glimpse of what the Supermarket 2020 will be like, with all the creative energy that all the international participants bring to Stockholm. We would like to say thank you to:

A) All of the brave exhibitors who took over our Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter and tirelessly posted round-the-clock. So many wonderful artworks that came up and so many amazing artists that we got to know about. And – above all – we did not get hacked! Videokaffe (FI/DE/NL/UK/USA), Niigata Eya (Niigata, Japan), Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Medrar (Cairo, Egypt), Why Quit? (Wroclaw, Poland), Ormston House (Limerick, Ireland) and Detroit Stockholm (Sweden)

B) All of the contributors who sent their materials to the Supermarket 2020 Blog. The variety and amount were heartwarming, your images, texts and reflections full of not only colour and sparkle, but above all stimulating ideas and collaborations.

C) Our online viewers, readers and supporters, including all our exhibitors whom we are looking forward to seeing in early autumn (fingers crossed) for the postponed edition of Supermarket 2020. Your support means a lot to us! You even watched our Live-streamed opening of the cancelled & rescheduled art fair in such copious amounts it took our breath away.

You made our week brighter and fluffier than we could ever dream of.
Take care and keep your eyes on us – the week is over but we are still here and will supply you with regular posts and updates from the artist-run world. 

Alice Máselníková, creative director, for the Supermarket team