Supermarket 2024

Applications for Supermarket 2024 are closed.

25-28 April 2024

Exhibition stand sizes and prices

The cost of participation in Supermarket 2024:

Large exhibition stand (approx 15 sqm, for example 3x5 m) 

SEK 6500 + VAT (SEK 8125 ≈ €766 ≈ $760 incl. VAT)

Small exhibition stand (approx 7 sqm, for example 2x3.5 m) 

SEK 5000 + VAT (SEK 6250 ≈ €589 ≈ $584 incl. VAT)

Presentation stand

Presentation stands are for art organisations, publications, residencies etc. – not a budget option for artist-run spaces.

SEK 4000 + VAT (SEK 5000 ≈ €471 ≈ $467 incl. VAT). 

The fee covers an exhibition space, service personnel, advertising, PR, Forum seminar for one person, exhibitor party and the publication of the catalogue and website. We have chosen to keep the participation fee at a low level in order to include interesting exhibitors who work on a not-for-profit basis and/or are unestablished.

Artist-run galleries regularly staging public exhibitions in their own exhibition spaces and other artists' initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at SUPERMARKET. Individual artists or artists' groups founded only for applying to SUPERMARKET will not be accepted.

Meetings Expanded participation fee for one person: SEK 2000 + VAT (SEK 2500 ≈ €236 ≈ $233).
The fee covers free admission to the fair, Talks & Performance programme, Professional Preview invitation, Forum seminar, Meetings, a site visit programme, exhibitor party.

You will receive an invoice during February–March.

Important: for payments within Sweden, the 'bankgiro' number is missing a dash on the invoice: bg 217-3474

Bank details for international payments: 

IBAN SE80 8000 0832 7990 4158 7727


Sweden Bank address: Swedbank, Box 44030, SE-100 73 Stockholm, Sweden