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25-28 April 2024

Sèra Hanga: Window of Fame, Zurich, Switzerland


Hanga Séra, ‘Mon coeur’, performance


This picture is my symbol for the good side of the corona crisis.

I have experienced a lot of new ways to show love & friendship, to stand together, to build up a presence which is not a physical one but which can still be amazingly strong.

Also spirituality, which I didn’t have enough time for in recent years, has enriched my days and I have built new friendships or re-built old ones through it.

I heard about illnesses and deaths, and it made me help. 

When I needed help, I received it, I didn't even have to ask for it.

Days full of fear were my reality at the beginning. Now we will still have to be precautious for a long time in our social behaviour, of that I’m sure. 

But I’m also sure that we’ll find new ways of showing respect & solidarity, of helping each other.

We are the same species, we are humans.

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Window of Fame is a label committed to contemporary art. It builds bridges between the disciplines new media, visual and performing arts which are thematically brought together within a predefined project – the projects are not group exhibitions in the usual sense. A common contemporary topic, different techniques and perspectives interact with the space and between artworks.

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