Supermarket 2024

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25-28 April 2024

Kunstverein Famile Montez, Frankfurt, Germany

Daily K&K (Kaffee & Küchen) in Montez cafe by Ilka Hendriks



The Kunstverein Familie Montez directs the your focus to ...

Montez: New Generation 2020 with a new project named Montez 2.


In 2019 the Kunstverein Familie Montez expanded with a new space – a newly acquired independent Atelier/Studio space situated in a neighbouring building in the Osthafen called the Kulturbunker.

It’s in the immediate vicinity of the Honsellbrücke (KVFM).

Montez 2 is a project space for young adults, developing experimental printing techniques producing screen prints onto textiles and repurposed clothing.


The focus here is primarily on the individuality of the individual print. 

There is little emphasis on uniformity, differences within a print run are intended and welcome. 

Subjects are repeatedly printed, overlapped and placed in different positions. 

The final products are expected to be presented/exhibited in the form of a fashion show.

Montez 2 design merchandise for a fabricated museums shop at Supermarket Art Fair 2020. We will present the design studio work of  Montez 2, in the form of a Living Atelier, with photo shoots, videos, live workshops, streaming and a fashion show performance throughout the fair.

For Montez Werkstatt: Oscar Zickler, Anton Zickler & Ali Kaan Aktürk.



In addition to the t-shirt designs KVFM will feature a series of editions: silk screen prints by Kerstin Lichtblau, photography and merchandise by TO KUEHNE, and photography and stitched texts onto canvas by Elizabeth Coleman-Link. Daily K&K (Kaffee & Küchen) in Montez cafe by Ilka Hendriks. 

Prints by Kerstin Lichtblau ...


Daily K&K by Ilka Hendriks ...


We present TO KUEHNE ...

Born 1967. More than 20 years of artistic experience in the areas of painting, photography and music. Many various solo and collective exhibitions in galleries, art houses, bars, offices, fairs, etc. Came to photography via painting. 

His approach to a picture differs to that from a classically trained photographer. 

“I don’t take photographs, but paintings.” His pictures, mostly staged and often heavily reworked, are influenced by his 20-years’ experience with Rock ‘N’ Roll, theatre and film as well as advertising productions. Many of the protagonists in his pictures seem to have come straight from a film or commercial. Another recurring feature is the lean towards classic themes in his work, like scenes from religion and art history. For years now, he has worked on his self-dramatisation project ‘The Art of Loving Yourself’, with which he tours a travelling exhibition. Not unlike a rock tour. 

Another focus of his work is his self-staging image series ‘Aurora To-Realis’, his tribute to Mexican lucha libre ‘Elverdadero Santo’ and his interpretation of religious icons.


Kunstverein Familie Montez e. V. is an official art association/artspace/collective which exhibits contemporary independent art, based at the Honsellbrücke (KVFM) Osthafen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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