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25-28 April 2024

Gabriella Novak

The painting ‘#metoo’ was made as reaction to #metoo in 2017. Today I am reposting it because of what is happening in Poland, where a bill to COMPLETELY BAN ABORTION is going to be voted in the parliement. Once AGAIN, but this time during coronavirus lockdown when street protests are prohibited. In 2016 a similar ban was defeated after a huge women's protest. 
Support the Polish women. Our bodies. Our rights. Abortion is a human right.
#solidaritywithpolishwomen#stopthebans #czarnyprotest#piekÅ‚okobiet #strajkkobiet #konstnär#bodyart #feministartist

Performance ‘I still feel as if I'm a working machine’ by Gabriella Novak is a performative loop, an aesthetic dialogue between the artist and a machine. The artist is presenting paintings, made together with her machine, and a video documentation. 

Gabriella Novak (b. 1982 in Silesia, Poland) is a multimedia and performance artist, lives and works in Stockholm. Gabriella works mainly with digital media, painting and performance art where parts of the creative process are replaced by machines or inspired by machine art or, as she calls it, created by artificial bodies.