Supermarket 2024

Applications for Supermarket 2024 are closed.

25-28 April 2024

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

Los Angeles, United States of America

1206 Maple Ave
5th Floor, #523
90015 Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States of America

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles (TSALA) presents works by Heini Aho (Turku, Finland), Magdalena Ciemierkiewicz (Rzeszów & Warsaw, Poland), Cait Finley (Montana, USA), Ichiro Irie (Tokyo/Los Angeles), and Anita Kucharczyk (Warsaw/Los Angeles). This showcase was inspired by the staggering contrast in seasons between Los Angeles and the greater West Coast, and Stockholm and the general Nordic region, and how this would affect a person’s understanding of time. As an overarching concept, the works exhibited will allude to or directly address the passage of time, beckoning viewers to consider how variables such as culture, climate, geography, geology, and perspective can affect how humans experience and contemplate nanoseconds to eons, and dusk to dawn.

Cait Finley. from "Wilderness and Civ.", Mixed media. 2018
Ichiro Irie, "Impermanence 1", Permanent marker and white acrylic on canvas.80x48inches, 2017
Magdalena Ciemierkiewicz, "TheVeil", Mixed media, 2016 to present (ongoing)
Heini Aho, "Fools Time" (Installation View), Sand, glass and motor, 2020
Anita Kucharczyk, "AbOvo", Digital print, 2021