Supermarket 2024

Applications for Supermarket 2024 are closed.

25-28 April 2024


Yerevan, Armenia

8/4 Roubinyants street
0069 Yerevan
Yerevan, Armenia

ACOSS program was founded in 2006, Yerevan, Armenia by an artist Mkrtich Tonoyan, under the auspice of the “Akos” cultural NGO. The ACOSS mission is creation of a liberal democratic and intellectual meeting space for local and international artists, thinkers, researchers, writers and community organizers to get together, to reflect and act on challenges and conditions of our contemporary world. Here interpenetration of different cultures is stimulated with the help of creative interactivity and topical projects, promoting trans-local dialogues between cultures and communities.ACOSS is member of ResArtis and Microresidence International network. Since 2006 ACOSS has hosted 242 international artists from 40 countries and continues building network and developing art residency exchange

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