ZET foundation

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stichting ZET was founded in 1994 by artists and artlovers with the aim of organizing exhibitions that focus on ‘drawing’ as a source of contemporary art practise and an alternative source of knowledge production. Over the years our aims have adjusted to developments and personal interest of the organizers. Our activities also include international exchanges which have strong ties with different environments and locations. As a nomadic institution we are flexible and try to create opportunities in different settings. We work on an international level with both emerging and established artists.

Since 2009 the municipality of the area of Zuid has commissioned ZET foundation to coordinate the cultural programme of the Glazenhuis (Glass House) in the Amstelpark. Our presentation at the Supermarket is linked to the programme we have presented over the years and we did invite artists that worked with us before. Corinne Bonsma, Bouchaib Dihaj, Kim Eun Hung and Kees Touw.

exhibition Teken - Glazenhuis 2010, works by Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti and Olivier Nottellet
Kim Eun Hung - Fishing in the forest- still animation -2010
KIm Eun Hung - Meeting North Koreans in the Netherlands 2009
Corinne Bonsma, Wieder Zu Hause from the serie publication daily drawings 2010
Corinne Bonsma, Nochmals die Zugel in die hand nehmen from the serie daily drawings 2010