Ytan Ideell förening

Västerås, Sweden

c/o Culturen, Sintervägen 6
72467 Västerås
Västerås, Sweden

Ytan is a nonprofit organisation founded in may 2014 with about 60 members and collaborators. Since the beginning of 2015 Ytan runs an exhibition- and project space in culture house Culturen in Västerås. Apart from exhibitions, Ytan also works as a platform for artistic exchange, workshops and networking. Our focus is on contemporary, international and local art as well as experimental culture. Currently our exhibitions and programs concentrate around our project Ytan International, which brings artists from Norway, Denmark, Germany (Berlin) and Finland to Västerås, to exhibit and interact with the local art scene in different ways. About 50% of our international guests are from Finland. With this we are launching Ytan as an multilingual platform and supporting Västerås as a Finnish administrative area.

At Supermarket we will be exhibiting Västmanland based and
international artists that are part of our network in different ways.
Our main focus will be in small scale drawings, fanzines, video, installations and site-specific interaction.

Kollageworkshop 2
Anna Törrönen, So Nature, 2015
Martin Holm - A Topography of Time, 2015 på Ytan
Dan Wid at Västerås konstmuseum, 2015
Marcus Ivarsson, Plansche, 2015
Simone Kuhs, Fotboll