Wroclaw, Poland

Jana Kochanowskiego Alee, 21
51-602 Wroclaw
Wroclaw, Poland


WYKWIT is a place of artistic and expositional activity. Created in July 2015 out of the initiative of a group of friends living together in a former-German mansion in Zacisze, Wroclaw. WYKWIT is the opposite of a white-cube arrangement. Projects presented in WYKWIT take into consideration its peculiarity, contexts, and fit into the kind of activity characteristic of the place. We try to counteract the elitism of art. What we value is a direct relationship with the audience whom we hope can think of themselves as guests, friends, neighbors. Wykwit consists of; Karolina Balcer, Janusz Czyżewicz, Michał Kamiński, Adam Martyniak, Michał Mejnartowicz Martyna Muth, Krzysztof Rubach, Karolina Włodek, and the sub-projects Warstwy and Wykwitex.

Environment based on WYKWIT decor along with DIY WYKWIT sets to make one (a prize in a contest), BWA Wrocław Awangarda Gallery
Instalation by Karolina Balcer, a model of villa made from sugar, melting slowly, BWA WrocławAwangarda Gallerya
Painting by Krzysztof Bryła in a trompe l'oeil manner copyin pattern of the wallg
Piece by Adam Martyniak referring to condition of villa, economy and problem of ready made/site specific
An instalation by Miłosz Flis reffering to reperations and renovations made in villa for decades
Interior of WYKWIT's basment - hand made decor referring to old existing German decor
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