Window of FAME

Zurich, Switzerland

Weststrasse 136
8003 Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

The art space WINDOW OF FAME in 8003 Zurich, Weststrasse 136 was founded in 2015 by the two artists Marianne Mettler and Tibor Foeldes as an independent, non-profit, off-space for contemporary art and performance. Window of FAME is run by artists for artists and is an interdisciplinary platform. Our goal is to promote the visibility of female artists outside of the commercial gallery operations. Our team consists of artists who are part of the curatorial concept. The open window, a large, street-side shop window, has been the central focus for performance art since our start in 2015. We work with contemporary topics in an annual cycle. Due to Covid we slightly changed our concept. Instead of having two big shows every year we opened up our Window for monthly solo presentations. The monthly works and performances shown in the Open Window will be brought together in one exhibition in spring 2022. The selection of artists takes place in a pro-active context. On the one hand via an open call on our Instagram account, on the other hand artists contact us directly via word of mouth. Furthermore, research and direct contact is an important part of our selection of artists. A balanced mix between established and emerging artists is important to us. The focus is on the quality and professionalism of the work. Window of FAME accompanies the exhibitions with artist interviews which are available as a podcast on our Instagram account. (window.of.fame)

The Humble Tumble | Elsa Essinger
Echo Chamber | Alexa den Hartog & Yves Seiler
Words fail me | Marianne Mettler
Solvagant | Tibor Foeldes
Selcouth | Tibor Foeldes
Get that Money clean | Zoé Jeanneret