Toronto, Canada

25 polson street
Unit 1
M5A 1A4 toronto
Toronto, Canada


We know what it’s like out there under the bright lights of an art fair; shoes pattering against the carpeted floor, art everywhere, and a deafening cacophony of dealers talking over one another. Come to VSVSVS’ nap station to enjoy a much-needed respite from the stress of art. Lay your weary head to rest and let the buzzing of the crowds become a gentle, soothing white noise. We can’t turn day to night but we will have curtains.
Appointments can be made by emailing naptime@vsvsvs.org, drop-ins will be welcome.

Previous Nap Station at Toronto's International Art Fair
Post nap-snack time
Installation Shot from our show Drift at Centre Bang!
Installation shot of 'Not Together But Alongside' at Mercer Union
Documentation of our installation and performance of 1-855-IS-IT-ART for Nuit Blanche, Toronto

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