Toronto, Canada

25 polson street
Unit 1
M5A 1A4 toronto
Toronto, Canada


We are VSVSVS (pronounced versus versus versus), a seven-person collective and artist-run centre based out of a warehouse in the portlands of Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 2010, our activities encompass collective art making, a residency program, a formal exhibition space, and individual studio practices. Our collective work focuses on the collaborative production of multiples, drawings, video works, sculpture, installations, and performance. An open framework allows each of us to play to our own interests and ends, while contributing to a common goal. Working with seven heads is an experiment in being together too much and making things constantly.

We know what it’s like out there under the bright lights of an art fair; shoes pattering against the carpeted floor, art everywhere, and a deafening cacophony of dealers talking over one another. Come to VSVSVS’ nap station to enjoy a much-needed respite from the stress of art. Lay your weary head to rest and let the buzzing of the crowds become a gentle, soothing white noise. We can’t turn day to night but we will have curtains.
Appointments can be made by emailing naptime@vsvsvs.org, drop-ins will be welcome.

Previous Nap Station at Toronto's International Art Fair
Post nap-snack time
Installation Shot from our show Drift at Centre Bang!
Installation shot of 'Not Together But Alongside' at Mercer Union
Documentation of our installation and performance of 1-855-IS-IT-ART for Nuit Blanche, Toronto
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