Basel, Switzerland

Mülhauserstrasse 48
4056 Basel
Basel, Switzerland


What opportunities and possibilities does urban space offer for artists?
The group exhibition GO PUBLIC! presents four different positions of Swiss artists whose work focuses on public space. Performance artist Angela Marzullo is one of the better-known feminist artists in Switzerland who questions the role of women in society. She draws on the international history of the women's movement in the form of photographs and self-sewn carpets. Painter Ana Vujić shows a large-scale charcoal drawing. In her work, she explores digital data collection and the interface between reality and virtuality. Fabio Luks, on the other hand, questions the fundamental question of what constitutes a publicly recognized artist by taking up the myth of Van Gogh in his painting.
As part of the exhibition, we would like to present a live performance by Angela Marzullo on site. Also the sound artist Herr Herrli will create new sound collages from the sounds recorded in the urban space.

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