Turku, Finland
20250 Turku
Turku, Finland

Videokaffe explores the intersection of handcraft and modern technology through exhibitions, public sculptures, art residencies and connecting artist studios worldwide. Since 2011 Videokaffe has exhibited at galleries and art residencies in Japan, Russia, the United States, and Finland. The members show their individual works and together build workspaces/labs onsite, where they work collaboratively and create artwork. During the exhibitions, Videokaffe invites the audience to enter the workspace to witness, learn about, and participate in the art-making process. Between exhibitions, Videokaffe members meet regularly online by connecting their studios via webcams and video projectors. Through this process, the members work together as if they are sharing the same space. Videokaffe seeks to build bridges among cultures and to collaborate through the universal language of art.

It´s not so important what we think of the little things. It´s more important what the little things, think about us!
We experience life through a range of perceptual experiences. Our world is increasingly surrounded by a wide range of information, in various rates of frequencies and directions, that our senses alone can not pick up. Technology has expanded our ability to access and understand many of these hidden sources of information. Videokaffe will produce an interactive sculptural installation based on the theme of radio/radioactivity. Visitors to the Videokaffe booth at Supermarket Art Fair will interact with the project using light, sound and radio waves to discover and experience new forms of communication.

a view of our exhibition in L.A. 2019 at Supplyframe Gallery
our booth at 2019 Supermarket Artfair
the Nacka Joshua tree, a interactive sculpture by the group
prison escape over a 9m wall during a finissage at 2015 Valtio+
interactive sculpture made by the group for the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum
working with the group at Saari Residence 2014
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