Verkstad konsthall

Norrköping, Sweden

Kungsgatan 55
c/o Olofsson, Dalsgatan 8A
60232 Norrköping
Norrköping, Sweden

Verkstad konsthall is a platform for exhibitions and artistic production with a base in Norrköping. We work in close collaboration with artists to make workhops, talks, installations, performances for the public in our space and in the city of Norrköping. Since 2015 we are involved in a number of international exchange projects.

In the ongoing project ‘The Beast & the Eye of the Cyclone’ Signe Johannessen has been studying humankind’s abuse of nature. By bringing together scientific, literary, and personal references, the production discusses the ocean, power structures, and humankind’s need to act violently against nature.
Through film, sculpture, and other media, the artist takes a starting point in whaling, something that comes from her family’s history in northern Norway. During the project the artist has been doing workshops with whalers, researching archives, and diving and swimming parts of the migration route of the whales.
At Supermarket 2017 she is showing the film ‘Hic sunt Dracones’, the sculpture ‘Bone wars’, and a publication.

Signe Johannessen - Sälen i labyrinten // The Seal in the Labyrinth 7-22 maj 2016