Various Artists

Brussels, Belgium

Rue Locquenghien 41
1000 Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

Various Artists is a Brussels based art collective where its 24 semi-fictional members can be seen as formulas to be mixed and mashed into duets, triplets , etc... VA researches the sustainability of the artist as a brand. This long term practice based investigation includes opening up its modus operandi to other artists/collectives and experimenting with auto-generative art production. While challenging the limits of the art market, VA explores the borders of shared authorships, even the imaginary ones. The collective of individuals becomes a Gesamtkunstwerk where all research topics and artistic practices merge into collaborative installations or projects. 
 Various Artists share a studio space - nQdine - and a presentation space - n0dine - where they regularly invite artists to join the creation process through workshops, encounters, and research formats. Selected exhibitions and performances include: Lettres d'Ixelles, nadine, Brussels (2012); Le Chateau, Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo (2012); Human Mathematics, Museo Textil, Oaxaca (2014); Q and A, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (2015); Saudade de Europa, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki (2016); Ãgua com Gas, JOEY RAMONE, Rotterdam (2017); Don’t Worry About Us, Nevan Contempo, Prague (2018).

Aqua Com Gaz, Drown - sculpture 2014
Le Château - installation Sao Paulo 2012
Boucalais - mobile project, ongoing
screenshot performance - Berlin 2008
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