Va Space

Esfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

No 6, Baradaran Bagheri St,
Allame Jafari St, Roodaki St
8158863751 Esfahan
Esfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Va* is an independent space and a nonprofit that burst into the city of Esfahan, Iran in 2014 initially in response to the need of Esfahan-based artists. Va fosters creative thinking and collaborations by connecting artists, curators, critics and writers through workshops, talks and projects nationally and internationally.

The show on Supermarket is by Va, and is about Va Space experience in Supermarket art fair 2016 (last year).
Last year Va space participated in Supermarket as a collective. Since all participants were from Iran, visa was required to enter Sweden. the Swedish embassy did not process visa requests professionally and carefully, forced its employees to come up with superficial justifications and excuses resulting one of the members rejecting the visa.

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