Usanii Mashariki

Nairobi, Kenya

Box 20076-00100 Nairobi
The Waterfront Karen
00100 Nairobi
Nairobi county
Nairobi, Kenya

The life of the native East African is a continualy seething merging of forces & energies from the voracious West and the tenacious East. The artists have used the symbology of the head, a constant in art of this region to convey this character of their lives. The outter and inner surfaces form platforms for mounting photos, paintings, reliefs and objects that all together express this duality of existence. The third head represents the child of the twilight, born of the confusion and enlightenment...the wild card. The artists have utilised common materials like wire and paper to show that this state of being starts from the most base level of every day life. The participating artists are part of the Usanii Mashariki Gallery in Nairobi, a down to earth creatives driven initiative.

Room 1
Horse sculpture
Setting up Room 2
Part of our display area
Top view
Front view

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