Usanii Mashariki

Nairobi, Kenya

Box 20076-00100 Nairobi
The Waterfront Karen
00100 Nairobi
Nairobi county
Nairobi, Kenya

Twilight zone being'the meeting point of two different states of existence' aptly describes the ongoing state of being of the native East African.
The dynamic merging often forcefully & violently of our inherent values with the two invading influences and philosophy, that of the voracious West and from the tenacious East.
The forest gods versus the cathedral saints, the fruit of the soil versus the spawn of the laboratories, nationhood versus tribehood, the music of our tongues versus the digital robot language...We dwell in the twilight zone far more deeply than many nations realize.
The display comprises of three oversized human heads sculptures.
Heads and faces are key in our artistic language. The artworks and addornments in different media on the exterior and interior surfaces of the heads speak in detail of our dance with the forces of the twilight zone.
The materials used, a mix of organic and synthetic materials are an indication of the meeting/separation point of man and nature, of the made & the found, the rich & the poor.
If eyes are windows to the soul, then the head is the house! Two of the heads symbolises opposing states...the third stands for the rogue state, the wild card...the child of the twilight.
Our home is the twilight zone!!
Where minute by minute pain meets ecstasy,
hope meets despair,
the vote swamps the gun,
and acceptance wrestles with rebellion.

Room 1
Horse sculpture
Setting up Room 2
Part of our display area
Top view
Front view
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