Buenos Aires, Argentina

Virrey Loreto 2972
C1426DYD Capital federal
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Urgente is a gallery & contemporary art consultant based in Buenos Aires, initiated late 2013 & aiming to produce, manage & show the works of artists engaged in multi-language mediation, with a schedule focused on arts theory promotion through the Text Piracy Project & the Estudio Urgente Program providing mobile workspace in different world-settings. + What’s urgent cannot wait, it requests immediate results & our degree of involvement with the results obtained proves attitude. Upon this criteria we define our project, that aims to set a new canon of art versatility, in the most contemporary ways for showing, sharing, commercializing & ultimately appreciating it. Currently we’re developing a multi-discipline multi-language binding program to identify which are the limits of self-management to overcome in our forthcoming moves.

booth draft and floor plan