Under Projects

Cape Town, South Africa

79 Roeland Street
8000 Cape Town
Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa


Under Projects is a project space based in Cape Town, co-founded in 2021 and voluntarily run by four artists. Our model is scrappy and playful, emphasising experimental and conceptual projects. We run on donations from our local arts community.In 2024 we gave up our physical space due to rental costs. We’re reworking our model and figuring out what curatorial projects can look like without the structure of a permanent space. For Supermarket, we’ve invited local curators to imagine exhibitions that never got to happen at our old space. Because so many projects sit in practitioners' heads, without room to be realised, this project aims to create a framework around which the process of imagining, sketching and annotating an exhibition is spotlighted as an essential tool for curating.

A scrappy sketch of our booth