Underground Space Station

Toronto, Canada

570 Dovercourt Rd
M6H 2W6 toronto
Toronto, Canada


The Underground Space Station is an immersive subterranean sculpture located in Alliston, Ontario (outside of Toronto). It is a collaborative project between Charlie Murray and Thomas Van Der Zaag. It has been under construction since 2009. Assembled from salvaged industrial-sized containers, a series of 8 interconnected modules will function to accommodate various aspects of subterranean existence. Each module is titled according to its function: Airlock with Display Unit, Command Centre, Energy cube,Observatory, Lounge with Research Cube, Digging Module, Sleeping Chamber and Purification Module. Upon completion the Underground Space Station will operate as a hotel for artists and guests.

The Underground Space Station is a subterranean space designed to accomodate artists and artist events.

Form Follows Fiction, University of Toronto Art Museum
Command Centre
Air- Lock detail
Observatory preview party
Visiting artist digging foundation
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