Uncertain States / Scandinavia

Trondheim , Norway

Strandveien 27b
7067 Trondheim
Trondheim , Norway


We are primarily an artist-led project that publishes and distributes a free quarterly broadsheet newspaper showing lens-based-art. Formed in 2016 by Tor S. Ulstein, Dagny Hay and Charlie Hay. Uncertain States / Scandinavia is an offspring from Uncertain States London England, formed 2009 by Fiona Yaron-Field, David George and Spencer Rowell.

Uncertain States Scandinavia was started by Dagny Hay, Charlie Hay and Tor S. Ulstein in 2016. Together we publish a free, large-format newspaper that presents lens-based art. We have published 18 issues and collaborated with galleries, schools, and festivals. Our goal is to support the creative process, both for other artists and ourselves, and to offer a platform for exposure to a wider audience. At the crux of our mission is to be part of the dialogue around contemporary photography, to question what visual culture is today, what that means, and ultimately, what motivates us to create imagery. The large-format newspaper is not glued together and comes apart with ease. It is best enjoyed if you slow down, sit down, or ask a friend for help. We realise that each of us consumes an incredible amount of visual content every day, and with Uncertain States we want to give the reader a tactile experience, one where the art is encountered in a more leisurely manner. Every newspaper is a completely
new project.

Uncertain States / Scandinavia, Issue 16