KRÆ syndikatet

Copenhagen, Denmark

Halmtorvet 11B
1700 V Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

The KRÆ (CREATURE) Syndicate is located in Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district. At KRÆ we work with connections between death in culture and representations of the radical other: the refugee, the creature, the weed, the violent, the grotesque, the bacteria: things and bodies that represent and characterise the unwanted. KRÆ is a derogatory word for animals, we use it as a symbol for the things we problematise through exhibitions and interventions. The KRÆ is you and me, us and them. It is a beast born out of fellowship of mankind, a manifestation of our contradictory nature. The Syndicate is radical, emerging as a growl from our collective consciousness; it´s the creator of sensitive and intellectual disturbances. KRÆ is visual artists, musicians, writers, performance artists, and a philosopher.

Miss Fish performance
Solstice - performance Michelle Appelros & Timotie Girardon
Extremohiles 1 -exh
Solstice - Philosopher Jon Auring Grimm -about perversion
Hymn to the Slaugthered Pig -exh

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