TPTP, Transient Projects To People

Paris, Paris, France

5 Boulevard de Sebastopol
75001 Paris Paris

TPTP is dedicated to artistic research and exposure. We’re especially devoted to curated art projects

that, next to the artwork itself, also explore more ephemeral aspects of art and exhibition making, and projects that question the structures within exhibition organising. Once based in Montmartre, Paris, we now work in a completely nomadic manner.

At Supermarket 2013, TPTP will present an intimate view of various artistic work processes. Ryan

Boatright will be showing how computer software has interpreted his personal notebook, and a number of artists will offer a glance into their individual sketchbook scribbles. There will also be a shared projection, functioning as a free space where the artists show photos, videos, live streamed talks and performances in turn.

“TPTP-in-6-bits”, Installation by Ryan Boatright, 2010, Photographer
"My female theatre”, performance by Augusta Atla, 2010
"Room for references”, open group exhibition, 2010
"It has happened”, photography group show, 2010,
“Aspects of gender in art making”, artist talk by Augusta Atla, 2010, photo by Alessandro Zenari