Riga, Latvia

Totaldobze Art Center is a non-governmental institution that has developed in the largest former industrial area of Riga. Since 2010 its location was next to artists’ studios where the first public activities started in 2007. The art center is still evolving with the aim to become a platform for interdisciplinary experiments in contemporary arts and a meeting point for local and international culture workers and institutions. During the third season (Totaldobze is in-active during cold season) the centre had to move again to a new location, which is just next to the previous one, it took a lot of time and made the poor budget even poorer. Now they have much more appropriate space for their needs, however they don't know for how long…

Totaldobze Art center is lead by artist Kaspars Lielgalvis. Artists Laura Prikule, Anda Lace, Inga Meldere, Katrina Sauskina, Sabine Vekmane, curator Odrija Fisere, Katrina Vastlave, managers Vineta Kalnina and others have taken part in Totaldobze Art center work.

It is an organization and a space with artist studios, residencies and hall for artist presentations, discussions, performances, workshops, poetry slams etc. At least once a year a bigger group exhibition of contemporary art is organized there by curator invited by Totaldobze.

The main focus is on culture politics and creative process, provoking interdisciplinary projects.

Installation by Laura Prikule and Eva Vevere for an exhibition “I am dying. I am alive” 2010, photo by Valdis Jansons
Dinner prepared for visitors of WEF Art Fair in one of the artist studios , 2009, photo by Didzis Grodzs
Painting performance by artist Anda Lace during WEF Art Fair, 2009, photo by Didzis Grodzs
Artist Kaspars Grosevs during opening of an exhibition “Souvenir”, 2009, photo by Valdis Jansons
performance by artist Inga Meldere during opening of an exhibition “Souvenir”, 2009, photo by Valdis Jansons
“Secretary” from fashion collection “ Private detective” by MareunRols, 2010, photo by Kaspars Lielgalvis
The first visitors of Totaldobze Art centers official opening in 2010, photo by Herberts Verpakovskis
Poetry Slam, 2011, photo by Didzis Grodzs
Artist Liga Laurenovica is nominated for one of 20 Totaldobze Art center Awards, 2010, photo by Didzis Grodzs