>top Transdisciplinary Project Space

Berlin, Germany

Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin
Berlin, Germany


TOP project space offers cultural events to local and translocal communities. It is inhabited and run by a transdisciplinary group of international artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, writers, scientists, activists and a cook. The space and its infrastructure, containing a biolab, a server, a wood workshop, a shared workspace, a kitchen and an event space, is used collaboratively by its community and is made accessible through events organised by its members and guests. Founded in 2015 as a collaboration with Schillerpalais e. V. and upgraded in 2017, TOP is a project space for curiosity, creativity, education and transdisciplinary research. It serves as a platform for science, technology and art. People have access to DIY workshops, academic discussions, art exhibitions and screenings, and they can develop their own projects.

Mycelium symbiosis
>top will show a collection of holy fluffy best selected short videos that playfully engage with future visions of symbiosis between human kind and nature on planet earth. A white fantasy universe of clouds on the ground and a white and green universe of plants and aesthetics in the lights that project the moving images on the main wall will keep the visitors stunned and implant visions. The content of the videos will be rich of impressions, fantasy worlds, philosophical answers and much more. The staff is there to dive deeper in holistic conversations while over the period of the fair a network of mycelium will transform the clouds to an unexpected new material.