Berlin, Germany

Galerie TOOLBOX is a new gallery in Mitte, Berlin. It addresses social questions through the visual arts. It is a cooperative of seven Finnish modern artists, who have long experience as art professionals.

Art is a method of communication in a social world, where the meaning of experience is always abstract on some level, and to pass through these experiences requires diverse techniques and forms of art. The power of art is in its capacity to transmit social experiences that help us to learn, broaden our thinking, share experiences and have discussions.

Niina Räty, Outside, Maija ja Markku, Oil on Canvas, 20011, 170 x 140 cm
Mika Karhu, You let me Empty, Ink on paper, 2012, 50 x 40 cm, Photo: Mka Karhu
Juha Sääski, Octopus, Oin on Canvas, 2011, 150 x 210 cm Photo: Juha Sääski
Minna Jatkola, Everyday is mountain, Oil on canvas, 2009, 220 x 240 cm

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