Humlebæk, Denmark

Pasteursvej 8
1778 Copenhagen
Humlebæk, Denmark

Curatorial Tongues
We speak in different tongues, understand knowledge in strange patterns. We build the same story in different houses. No translation is ever the same, and so with exhibitions.
As our pool of backgrounds differ so does our interpretations of the art works.
We will invite 30 artist and 10 curators to build different exhibitions in the same booth. Every day the show will be on view, and every night the works will become undone. Come morning the walls will be empty again so by midday a new show can arise. Join us for our art marathon.
It lasts four days, not one will be the same, and neither will we.
The project is based on Adrian Pipers speculations on what will happen when artists start being the one choosing who exhibits where and how. This is what we are doing here, putting artists in charge of writing, thinking and doing the whole exhibition, and selling magazines to the price of candy.

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