Helsinki, Finland

Erottajankatu 9 B
00130 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Contemporary, experimental exhibitions: paintings and painting based installations, changing every third week. Artists are selected on the basis of applications by the Exhibition Committee, which consists of artists. tm•gallery is managed by Finnish Painters' Union, which is a nationwide artists' association and as such the biggest artists' association in Finland with about 1 500 members. The Union organizes exhibitions and workshops in collaboration with art museums and other institutions. It also sales artist materials at cost price. tm•gallery, locating in the center of Helsinki, has a versatile profile focusing on new Finnish painting. Besides paintings, also video works and installations are shown. The gallery also serves as a venue for seminars and different types of art presentations.

In Supermarket Art Fair 2021 tm•gallery will present four contemporary visual artists.
The artists are:
Matilda Enegren (b. 1989)
Kaija Hinkula (b. 1984)
Arto Korhonen (b. 1963)
Joel Slotte (b. 1987)
Matilda Enegren arbetar med figurativt måleri och målar porträtt av sig själv och andra, detaljer ur urbana miljöer och bortvända ungdomar i grupp. Målningarna är utsnitt ur tillvaron, sådant hon fastnat för och vill avbilda genom ihållande observation.
Kaija Hinkula is inspired by the process of the painting – the physical appearance and movement-like metamorphosis of paint on the surface of a sheet. Her aim is to build abstract slow motion reflecting on existence while highlighting the paint matter and the painting event. Her works are assosiated to materiality, movement and circulation, the technic is oil on different materials and installation.
Arto Korhonen combines in an innovative way traditional watercolor painting with ordinary, daily urban imagery and makes it available to a wider audience. He says: I want to use watercolor, and build installations that show, that crafts based on old technology, make the contemporary phenomena visible in an interesting way.
Joel Slotte works in painting, drawing and ceramics. His detailed figurative oil paintings explore undercurrents of unease and dread in anecdotes from everyday life.

Extra picture tm•gallery`s space. Timo Ryhänen`s exhibition 18.9.–6.10.2019
tm•galleria, Carousel – every day new exhibition 15.8.–1.9.2019 The Exhibition was part of the Helsinki Festival 2019, Picture of Kaija Hinkula`s exhibition 27.8.2019 (at the same day two other artists had also exhibitions at tm•galleria)
Joel Slotte: Eyepatch, oil on canvas, 50 cm x 46 cm, 2019
Arto Korhonen: watercolour on paper (three dimensional), 2017
Kaija Hinkula: IN/FORMAL, part of the installation, spray, readymade, 25 x 15 x 15 cm, 2019
Matilda Enegren: Storgatan, watercolour on paper, 154 cm x 116 cm, 2019