Helsinki, Finland

Erottajankatu 9 B
00130 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Contemporary, experimental exhibitions: paintings and painting based installations, changing every third week. Artists are selected on the basis of applications by the Exhibition Committee, which consists of artists. tm•gallery is managed by Finnish Painters' Union, which is a nationwide artists' association and as such the biggest artists' association in Finland with about 1 500 members. The Union organizes exhibitions and workshops in collaboration with art museums and other institutions. It also sales artist materials at cost price. tm•gallery, locating in the center of Helsinki, has a versatile profile focusing on new Finnish painting. Besides paintings, also video works and installations are shown. The gallery also serves as a venue for seminars and different types of art presentations.

Henni Alftan exhibition at tm•gallery, Oct. 2018
Ville-Veikko Viikilä: The Atmosphere is on the floor, oil on canvas, 150 cm x 130 cm, 2018
Raija Malka: Torment 2, oil on canvas, 90 cm x 130 cm x 12 cm, 2017
Raija Malka: The Anatomy of Le Corbusier 2, oil on canvas, 55 cm x 78 cm x 10 cm, 2018
Arvid Hedin: oil and ink on canvas, 130 cm x 110 cm, 2018
Henni Alftan: Eyeliner & Shine, oil on canvas, 2 x 60 cm x 73 cm, 2017