Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

Los Angeles, United States of America

1206 Maple Ave
5th Floor, #523
90015 Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States of America


TSALA is the Los Angeles branch of Tiger Strike Asteroid (TSA), a 501c3 non-profit network of independently programmed, artist-run exhibition spaces with additional locations in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Greenville. Since 2009, having shown over 1000 artists in around 300 unique exhibitions, TSA continues to strive to foster relationships between artists from diverse backgrounds while lifting underrepresented voices.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles (TSALA)
TSALA presents found-object and ceramic sculpture, photography, drawings, and video by artist members Cait Finley (Montana, USA), Ichiro Irie (Tokyo/Los Angeles), and Anita Kucharczyk (Warsaw/Los Angeles), and invited artists Heini Aho (Turku, Finland) and Magdalena Ciemierkiewicz (Rzeszów & Warsaw, Poland).
A TSALA member, while visiting Turku, Finland in June of 2016, experienced an after-midnight sunset that lasted for at least a few hours. Although 3-hour sunsets may be nothing remarkable to a Nordic person, this was an out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon for someone accustomed to much shorter sunsets earlier in the evening. Los Angeles, known for its lack of seasons, brisk summer nights, and winter days often reaching above 30°C, might also be strange to those from other parts of the world.
With these contrasts as a source of inspiration, TSALA will showcase works alluding to or directly addressing the passage of time, beckoning viewers to consider how variables such as culture, climate, geography, geology, and perspective can affect how humans experience nanoseconds to eons, and dusk to dawn.
Highlights include Heini Aho’s kinetic hourglass sculptures that seem to question the very nature of time with her playful yet understated humor; Anita Kucharczyk’s photographic series of a giant, egg-like object that might be a metallic fossil from the past or extraterrestrial space pod from the future.

Cait Finley. from "Wilderness and Civ.", Mixed media. 2018
Ichiro Irie, "Impermanence 1", Permanent marker and white acrylic on canvas.80x48inches, 2017
Magdalena Ciemierkiewicz, "TheVeil", Mixed media, 2016 to present (ongoing)
Heini Aho, "Fools Time" (Installation View), Sand, glass and motor, 2020
Anita Kucharczyk, "AbOvo", Digital print, 2021