Tidskriften Hjärnstorm

Stockholm, Sweden

Box 4172
SE-11527 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


Hjärnstorm is an independent journal of art, literature, philosophy, and contemporary debate. We publish essays and articles on current trends in the present, art submissions by international and Swedish artists, and contemporary literature from the country’s best writers, along with new translations. Four issues of the magazine are produced each year. Each release is a unique experience: the participating authors read their texts, an art project is discussed, and sometimes we have a panel discussion on the theme of the issue. Hjärnstorm’s exhibitions are planned and curated by the editorial curator’s group under the name of Galleri Hjärnstorm. From 2003 to 2006 Galleri Hjärnstorm was a physical gallery space on Valhallavägen 138. Hjärnstorm is a collaborative endeavour of established artists and scientists mixed with those of debutant poets and young academics.

Hjärnstorm is an independent arts and culture journal with contributions from international and Swedish artists and writers, along with new translations.
Each edition is a unique experience that can include readings, art projects, and panel discussions.
Hjärnstorm is a collaborative endeavour of artists, writers, scientists and academics.
The new issue, released in February 2020, will have the theme ’The Forrest`. It is presented with a group exhibition including Alexander Lobanov, among others.

Hjärnstorm nr 146-147 tema skog
Hjärnstorm nr nr 146-147 tema skog baksida
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