Tidskriften Hjärnstorm

Stockholm, Sweden

Box 4172
SE-11527 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


Hjärnstorm is an independent arts and culture journal with contributions from international and Swedish artists and writers, along with new translations.
Each edition is a unique experience that can include readings, art projects, and panel discussions. Hjärnstorm is a collaborative endeavour of artists, writers, scientists and academics. 
In our exhibition booth we will present works from artists, writers, editors etc that has been involved in the magazines latest issues.
The theme for # 142–143 of Hjärnstorm has been duty and escape, two words and concepts that often cross each other's paths. We follow escape routes from Palestine,Yugoslavia and Crimea leading to camps, sinking boats and new hometowns, without belongings from the past.
The magazine's forthcoming issue, which will be released in the autumn of 2021, will have a mixed content with a broad focus on literature and art.

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