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Den Haag, Netherlands

Galileistraat 139
2561TC Den Haag
Den Haag, Netherlands

Alternative Art Guide is proud to present 'Les enfants de Paulette Periat' – research on a historically remarkable artists’ initiative. Using infographics, timelines, historical artifacts, photographs and artworks by the initiative’s members, the booth is turned into the story of the six lives that intertwined in Neuchatel, Switzerland, in the 1920s. The research team is present to explain the history in depth to visitors. It is full of intrigue and a collection of lessons and can serve as inspiration for anyone involved in an artists’ initiative today.
Researchers: Jan Dirk Adams, Constantijn Scholten, in collaboration with Hansje Struijk, Loulou van Staaveren, Luuk Kuipers, Indigo Deijman, Marius Lut, Rob Knijn