Holistic Bureau of Investigation

Göteborg, Sweden

Konstepideminsväg 13
41314 Göteborg
Göteborg, Sweden


Is a tool to make inquiries from a holistic perspective. Participating artists awarded the title agent.
Quests can be shared with multiple agents or carried out individually by an agent. Currently, HBI five licensed agents
not counting the hidden section. Agents hired for their expertise which allows a broad recruitment as well as a broad approach
in relation to the nature of the assignment. The cooperation results in performance art, visual and auditory performance.
Nature of the assignment determines how the solution is presented.
Participants at Supermarket; Lars Åsling, Torbjörn Steiner, Adrian Åsling Sellius, Matilda Kråkesson Andersson, Mariko Hori
Mission Wanted!

HBI, Lars Åsling, ”Towns in need of love”, polaroid foto, ca 6 x 2 m, 1606