Terminal B

Kirkenes, Norway

Dr Wesselsgt 14
9900 Kirkenes
Kirkenes, Norway


Established by Pikene på Broen, Terminal B is the Barents new hub for genre and border crossing art projects. A place where emerging and established artists share their interests in the High North with art connoisseurs, an engaged local public, and visitors to the Arctic. It is a gateway into and out of the Barents borderland, showcasing exceptional home-grown productions. We host a sculptural duel between young Norwegian sculptor Marius Engan Johansen and two invited collaborators, where the tension of creation becomes more important than winning. The duel is a manifestation of collective creation with individual signatures exposed to the public in attempt to activate portrait sculpting in a performative way.

Sculptural duel 1. Photo by Jørund_F_Pedersen
Sculptural duel 2. Photo by Jørund_F_Pedersen
Sculptural duel 3. Photo by Pikene på Broen
Sculptural duel 4. Photo by Jørund_F_Pedersen