Stockholm, Sweden

TEGEN2 – a space for energetic blending, reflection and confrontation. Since starting in 2006, Tegen2 has shown a broad spectrum of artists’ exhibitions (including: David Reeb, Meira Asher, Ida Rödén, Antonie Frankdotter, Itay Ziv, Israel; Damir Niksic, Bosnia; Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Palestine; Tina Enghoff, Kent Klich, Denmark; Hakan Akcura, Nils Cleasson, Kerstin Hansson, Chun Lee Vang Gurt, Peter Johansson, Peter Kinny, Nils Claesson, Dorinel Marc, SIMKA, Paula Urbano, Sweden). These are added to with performances, readings, actions and talks that further challenge the hierarchies and boundaries between art and activism, and art and aesthetics (for example Ship to Gaza events and exhibitions, documentation and interactions with undocumented migrants in Denmark and Association Papperslösa Stockholm, and with artists and activists in Cafranbel, Syria. 

TEGEN 2 – project place, scene and exhibition space. Seeking the burning/turning points of cultural, social and conceptual complexity and energetic breakpoints. Spanning from art to political activism.

Since the start 2006 several important international artists have been introduced to the Swedish public: David Reeb – an Israeli artist dealing with the Israel and Palestine conflict/complex (Colored areas). Damir Niksic – a Bosnian artist (living in Sweden) intervening in the repetitive European need to redefine its identity by purifying itself of none European elements (If I wasn’t muslim). Boaz Arad and Ronen Eidelman: interventions in the Israeli/Jewish context (Screenings, Medinat Weimar). Hakan Akcura – a Turkish artist (living in Sweden): video, objects and photos about nationalism’s dark sides. Meira Asher: video and sound installations about female ex-child combatants in Sierra Leone (Face WSLOT – Woman see lot of things). And TEGEN 2 was the first to exhibit Kent Klich´s photos of destroyed homes in Gaza after last year Israeli attack.

Another important element in TEGEN 2 is text/sound works by among others Leif Elggren & Kent Tancred, Mats Lindström, Ann Rosén, Liselott Norelius and Iris Smeds and by the Berlin based Serge Baghdassarians and Erik Bünger.

Ivana Kralikova: Master installation Konstfack 2010 keramic
Ivana Kralikova: Master installation Konstfack 2010 keramic
Ivana Kralikova: Master installation Konstfack 2010 keramic
Exhibition view Photo: Emelie Carlén
Bengt Gomer: Carmen - scenografi
Exhibition view, Supermarket Art Fair 2011, Photo: Anna Ekros