Tarantula: Authors And Art

Stockholm, Sweden

Tomteogatan 50, 4 tr
13388 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


Tarantula: Authors And Arts, a digital publication run by artists and writers, showcases international and Nordic artists and publishes stories inspired by their works. In addition to our Substack magazine, our Instagram turns into a monthly gallery exhibiting the works of the featured artists.

Tarantula: Authors and Art is a digital magazine where artists and writers meet to weave art with stories and conversations to nourish creative souls. Founded during the pandemic, when we were standing with one foot in the old world, and about to step into the post pandemic future, we realized that it was time to start reshaping our world. What would the world be like if we let art lead the way through our stories and histories? What if we tapped into the deep well of our creativity to find solutions for the problems we are facing? As the flicker of twilight passes over us, art can help us hold onto the light! Community sustains and empowers us, and so we invite artists with different backgrounds and careers to shape our stories as well as to inspire our readers to get in touch with their own creativity.

Cape Myrtle by Ruta Matuleviciute
Untitled, by Tijana Pakic
Boy And Light, Kristina Aleksynaite
Infertile Grounds _Bucje,
from the series Untitled, Tijana Pakic