Tak Gallery

Poznan, Poland

mielzynskiego 27/29
61-725 Poznan
Poznan, Poland


Tak Gallery presents outsider Art and brut now. TAK collaborated with social and animal rights activists, anarchists, including outsider art into a 'pirate network' of activistic projects in the name of liberty in art and life.For more than ten years Tak Gallery Has organised projects which combined different cultural disciplines and various artists, from professionals representing the official art circulation to socially isolated artists, from the mainstream to outsiders. These projects build a network of relations and influences between their participants, portray the mechanisms of mutual appropriations and the emergence of common fields.The year 2018 marked the launch of the project 'Brut Now' whose goal consists in pursuing broad-scale educational and promotional activities devoted to outsiders who function outside the borders of official art but whose work bears many similarities to internet art, steampunk, cyberpunk, vaporwave, underground comic books.

TAK Gallery will show contemporary Polish outsiders whose works have been presented in recent years at significant modern art exhibitions in Poland, in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw among others. The gallery will display brut now artists including critical works by Daniel Stachowski, feministic works by Justyna Matysiak, films by Tomasz Machcinski, objects by Maciej Olszewski as well as conceptual, minimalist works by Władysław Grygny, Iwona Mysera and Jeroen Hollander.

Tomasz Machciński
Daniel Stachowski
Iwona Mysera
Justyna Matysiak
Mikołaj Ławniczak, objects
Jeroen Hollander
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