Copenhagen, Denmark

Fanøgade 36
2100 Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark


Ta·da is an exhibition space, run by Rikke Goldbech and Anne-Louise Knudsen, currently located in a laundromat in Copenhagen, DK. The exhibitions always consist of 9 x A3 formats placed above the washing machines. Furthermore, the exhibiting artists both local and international, have interacted differently with the space; showing live streamed performances, film screenings, sculptural objects and launching a newspaper, to mention but a few.

The laundromat breaks with the notion of a traditional exhibition space, being a public space usually stripped off any information not relating to laundry; at Ta·da art interacts with the daily life of the laundromat. The project is community-based and relates to a local location, this vision is more important than a fixed space for Ta·da.

The opening of Inger Sif Heeschen - Vascoteque / Discotheque
HARD-CORE - Be like me
Rikke Goldbech - Pull You Up By The Bootstraps
Matti Sumari - non-human itch ll
Opening at Ta·da
Anne-Louise Knudsen - Hommage
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