Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

Panská 24
81101 Bratislava


T-Gallery’s main goal is to create a platform for presenting the latest developments in Slovak and international printmaking and drawing. This platform seeks to refresh the interest of the younger generations in the medium of printmaking and restore the continuity of the graphic tradition in Slovakia.

T-Gallery started as an underground space in 2011 and has expanded ever since. After a reconstruction in May 2012, it now owns four exhibition spaces in a 15th century building in the centre of Bratislava. One of the spaces is currently being transformed into a printmaking studio, mini-bookstore, information stand, design shop and a hangout space with a comfortable couch, coffee and good art.

T-Gallery exhibits artists and cooperates with universities and collectives from Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Great Britain, USA and Mexico. In May 2012, T-Gallery organized the zeroth annual “Prize for Drawing” in which the audience and a jury picked two winners. The prize was to participate in a group exhibition at a sister gallery in Paris, Daniez et de Charette, which also supports young artists and helps them gain recognition in the art world.

"T-Gallery", View of "Daniez et de Charette" exhibition, 2012, Simona Golianová
“T-GalleryTunnel”, View of a DJ/VJ event in the T-Gallery Tunnel, 2012, Kristína Hečková
“MatúšMaťátko”, linocut, 2007, Matúš Maťátko
“DanielaOlejníková”, digital print, 2012, Daniela Olejníková
“T-Gallery”, View of "Blood Doesn't Grow on Trees" exhibition, 2012, Kristína Hečková
“KristínaHečková”, drawing on paper, 2009, Kristína Hečková
“T-Gallery”, View of the exhibition "Pavol Truben:Uroboros", 2012, Simona Golianová
“Interview”, T-Gallery interviewing Alex Rubio in Mexico, 2012, Marcel Hečko
“Animation”, Animation by James Rielly projected in the T-Gallery Tunnel, 2012, Simona Golianová