Egypt, Germany, Sudan, Sweden,

D-76137 Karlsruhe - Germany


We are a multinational group that started to work together in 2010. We are 15 visual artists and 2 musicians who stem from Germany (10), Sudan (6), Egypt (1), Sweden (1).

Our focus is to work jointly on one artwork for each event or exchange-meetings that we we are having or planning together. Via skype, via e-mail, via other virtual means we are in contact and discuss about our develpment within the specific projects.

 In 2011 we already have had to exchange-meetings in Khartoum/Sudan  and in Karlsruhe/Germany where we worked in work-in-progress processes on site and publicly. We will have one more in London at the Triangle Art Network Conference.

 We plan to have two more in 2012. If possible one with Supermarket Art Fair ( where we will send our artwork to one of our there living colleagues who will build it up in the way, we have designed it together)  and one in Marrakesh, where we are heading for to be all togehter at a parallel project of the AIM Bienale.

We're heading to connect artists worldwide by working together personally, by visiting each other and staying in a personal and productive ,constructive contact.  Therefore we have the name T.ACT. The long version is TRIBE of ARTSTS in COLLABORATIVE TERMS.  In this context, we're applying for Super Market Art Fair 2012.

(see attached jpgs 1. and 2.  about the process so far)

TACT part I - Khartoum ( Collage of action and artwork-pictures)
TACT part II in Karlsruhe ( Collage of action and artwork-pictures)
sketch for planned artwork at Supermarket Artfair in Stockholm 2012