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Multiple countries,

T.ACT presents a project of transaction and steady development. Living as an artist, working on different projects, facing daily timeframes as well deciding how to present, is the topic itself, and it is called the "Topology of Staggered Routes".

Our wiki-platform T-ACT-inter-view serves to facilitate communication inside the group, as well as being a continously-edited magazine about how artistic life is lived all over the globe. Working in different time zones, with different language skills, concurrent with jobs and projects, leads to a jolty, fragmented way of inter-viewing ourselves.

Formed in 2010, T.ACT is a multinational group of visual artists, authors, film-makers, performers and musicians. We are part of the artist-run association KUNSTtransit e.V. from Karlsruhe, which was founded in 2008.

Our focus is on developing a working joint artwork at fairs, biennales and other artists' gatherings twice a year, mostly connected via virtual means. The presentation preferably contains sustainable and found material.

In 2011 we organised projects in Khartoum, Sudan and Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2012 we joined Supermarket for the first time and participated in the 4th Arts of the Marrakesh Biennale.

To connect artists worldwide by working together in person, visiting each other and keeping a personal, productive, constructive contact, we choose to be called T.ACT: Tribe of Artists in Collaborative Terms.

www.kunsttransit.de, www.t-act-inter-view.de, www.tribeact.blogspot.com

Participants: Murad Atshan, Yassine Balbzioui, Anja Bodanowitz, Christine Geesing, Philine Kempf, Edmon Khalil, Nora Mertes, Celeste Najt, Silvia Prudencio, Katharina Quecke, Birgit Spahlinger, and Kristina Sporr.

T.act Postcard - Celeste, Silvia - 2012
booth-suggestion - Christine - 2012
diary-interview in staggered routes - blogging and mailing - 2012
Postcard-discussion - blogging and mailing - 2012