Stockholm, Sweden

Katarina Bangata 66
11639 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

StudyForArtPlatform is a project and exhibition platform founded by artist Mateas Pares in 2020. Through an artist-run space with the same production value as galleries and institutions; carefully curated, produced, and highly condensed exhibitions; and with the philosophy that as long as the work is strong, it will be exhibited; artists are offered a democratic opportunity to explore their artistry in a competitive manner, and thus an exemption from the limiting nature of the structures and norms of power.
At Supermarket Art Fair 2021, StudyForArtPlatform is exhibiting a project around the concept of power, by Mateas Pares.
At its space on Katarina Bangata 66, StudyForArtPlatform is at the same time showing a solo exhibition by Swedish artist Adrian Olas.

Intallation view of ”Mammasonen Döttras och Barnet Födas” by Titus Boguslaw.
Intallation view of ”Att Bära Sig Själv” by Kasper Nordenström Jung.
Intallation view of ”Irremediable (Study)” by Frederik E..
Intallation view of ”Body of Work” by Björn Bengtsson.

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