Stockholm, Sweden

Tjärhovsgatan 44B, 1tr
Tjärhovsgatan 44B, 1tr
11628 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Studio 44 is a dynamic, contemporary artist-run organisation characterised by it´s diversity and openness to different forms of artistic expression. Currently consisting of some 30 visual artists who together manage the gallery space (256 + 26 sqm), showing their own work as well as inviting other artists to participate in themed exhibitions and seminars. studio44 cooperate with international artist-run galleries and have exhibited in Beijing, Berlin, Manchester and New York among other places. The work process is organic and democratic, allowing different approaches to exist side by side.

Peter Varhelyi and Tina Willgren represent the artist-run collective Studio 44 in Stockholm. Their idea is to combine and show two apparently different artistic approaches and methods to an interesting meeting and interaction. Although their techniques and materials differ they believe they share a common theme.
Tina Willgren works with moving images. Her videos take animated insect shapes, distorted through technical misuse and glitches in a game engine, as a starting point. The figures buzz across screens, crawl, fly, die and re-emerge, in a fauna created with digital signals.
Peter Varhelyi works with textile, paint and wood to create big costumes in a theatrical setting. These objects can be seen as larger than life figures in their own right, like avatars patiently waiting and witnessing, moving just slightly.
Together the works respond to the title “Holy Fluff” by creating associations to ritual clothing and the nature of a life cycle as seen through a dysfunctional game engine.

"Returns II". Tina Willgren. Video still
”Ikaros”. Peter Varhelyi. Acrylic paint and cotton. 2m x 3,5m.
”Witnesses”. Peter Varhelyi. Acrylics and cotton, 2m x 3,5m each.