Studio 44

Stockholm, Sweden

Tjärhovsgatan 44B, 1tr
11628 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Studio 44 is a dynamic, contemporary artist-run organisation characterised by it´s diversity and openness to different forms of artistic expression. Currently consisting of some 30 visual artists who together manage the gallery space (256 + 26 sqm), showing their own work as well as inviting other artists to participate in themed exhibitions and seminars. studio44 cooperate with international artist-run galleries and have exhibited in Beijing, Berlin, Manchester and New York among other places. The work process is organic and democratic, allowing different approaches to exist side by side.

Green Episode – a site specific room installation by Andréa Hösel. The artwork consists of material flowing over the walls and floor. Construction nets, plastic table covers, ropes: selected for their color, shape or texture. Everyday material is transformed into a colorful composition, a threedimensional large scale painting to enter and move within. Ultimate Painting is a continuous project with abstract painting in concrete form.

Andréa Hösel, Lay of the land, construction nets and plastic table cloths, part of the project Ultimate painting, 2020
Andréa Hösel, Wall of blues and greens, construction nets, installation, part of the project Ultimate painting, 2019, photo Henning Rehnström
Andréa Hösel, Up against the wall, plastic table cloths, part of the project Ultimate painting, 2020, photo Nina Wedberg Thulin
Andréa Hösel, On my way to an orange sky, plastic bags and plastic sheets with detail drawings, installation, part of the project Ultimate Painting, 2019, photo Henning Rehnström