Stockholm, Sweden

Tjärhovsgatan 44
116 28 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Studio44 is a dynamic, contemporary, artist-run organisation characterised by its diversity and openness to different forms of artistic expression. Currently, it consists of some 30 visual artists who together manage the gallery space (256 + 26 sqm), who show their own work as well as invite other artists to participate in themed exhibitions and seminars. Studio44 cooperate with international artist-run galleries and have exhibited in Beijing, Berlin, Birmingham, Manchester, and New York, among other places. The work process is organic and democratic, allowing different approaches to exist side by side.
Mariana Ekner and Katarzyna Piorek represent the artist-run collective Studio44 in Stockholm at Supermarket, 2023.
They met in 2018 and were inspired by each other's artistic expression, which led to a collaboration that resulted in their first exhibition “Under Ytan, Oko” (“Under the surface, Oko”) in 2020. The exhibition matured from dialogue about memories and reminiscences expressed and shaped through diverse media.
They consistently work with some form of discarded objects/materials which, through small displacements and reworkings, are resurrected as something new, something different. By using recycled materials, they continue their research into creating new and other meanings for trashed, abandoned objects, rusty objects from the playground, toys out of order, or used screen print mesh and video installations.
They examine what remains, or rather what comes to the surface when the original understanding is challenged and ingrained codes lose their meaning.